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An excellent day. Relaxed, friendly, incredibly informative. Very organised, well resourced, very clearly explained. Philippa knows her stuff and was brilliant! A huge thank you – really inspirational and perfectly pitched to meet all of our needs.’
Vikki Oldham – Arts Award training evaluation

Great course on Monday - very stimulating creative and interesting. I'll be prepping how to deliver the film course on Monday.
Jessica Townsend – Arts Award training

Hi Philippa, feedback from Kingsdale was "excellent" most useful meeting they have attended recently. Also having PA's in attendance was welcomed, feedback from PA's was equally positive
Brian McDonagh - regarding Delivering Effective CEIAG in Schools

I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that I really appreciate all the opportunities you send to us. I often encourage my young people to engage in the relevant ones, and you are doing great works by sharing this information.
Amma Mensah - Founder, Beyond the Classroom

I can’t over emphasise the impact that this has had on the whole class, particularly the less able children. One of my students usually writes 2 lines and yesterday he wrote a whole paragraph
David Fielding - Year 3 teacher, Vikings project

When you look at their sentence structure this also has improved through the oral work that they’ve had…. They have developed confidence and seen what they could achieve
Luba - Year 3 coordinator, Vikings project

Observing the work has made me feel more confident about doing dance lessons myself in the future English and dance lessons fed into each other in a way that made both come alive more. The dance sessions had a particular impact on the children’s speaking and listening I felt it was particularly valuable for them to be able to own up to and deal with feelings of embarrassment ad vulnerability. This also seemed to help them to empathise more with others. It was particularly noticeable that this project helped some of the boys who at times exhibit more challenging behaviour. Over the 6 sessions I noticed an improvement in concentration and focus.
Sue Brooks - Year 6 class teacher, Snow Queen project

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